2008 Supergirl Jam Recap and Results

Generally when one thinks of the beach, snow is not something that comes to mind. But the S3 Supergirl Jam made it snow in Huntington Beach for some of the best female rail riders in the world to battle it out. The crew was up early blowing snow onto the massive rail structure and by mid morning it was ready to go. The girls looked hot in their snowboard gear, literally, but it didn’t stop them from climbing the massive structure again and again to hit the rail.

The competition started with two jam sessions to qualify the top ten riders for tsnowpodium300he finals, where they joined last year’s top two riders, Raewyn Reid and Leanne Pelosi. The 40-minute final jam was full of bangers, most of them by Laurie Currier who spun on and off the rail, and Raewyn Reid who rode super tech all day. But everyone was riding well. Vera Janssen from Germany was nailing solid frontside boardslides and switch front lipslide 270 out. Raewyn did a
backside 50-50 to backside revert to switch 50-50. Chanelle Sladics skillfully frontside180’d on to half cab out, and a tailslide 270, much to the joy of the crowd. Desiree Melancon was another stand out with some of the most technical and stylish riding of the day, including nose and tail presses and 270’s out.

In the end it was Laurie who took the top honors with trick such as frontside 180 to cab 360 out, a tailslide 270 out, and a frontside 180 to switch 50-50. That earned her $5000, and she got an extra $1000 for best trick, a hard way frontside 180 switch 50/50 switch backside 180 out. Say that five times fast.

Full Results
1. Laurie Currier
2. Raewyn Reid
3. Chanelle Sladics
4. Vera Janssen
5. Desiree Melancon
6. Jesse Sutton
7. Jamie Madrid
8. Elise Borelli
9. Leanne Pelosi
10. Indigo Monk
11. Ashley Thorton
12. Gaby Viteri

Best Trick:
Laurie Currier – Hard Way Frontside 180 to switch 50/50 to switch Backside 180