5 Steps: How to Draw a Wave

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wave drawing
JULY 16, 2014

Surfing is so much fun that when you’re not surfing, you’re thinking about surfing. And there’s no better way to daydream about catching waves than drawing waves. This is an intro into quickly sketching an easy wave. You don’t have to be a professional artist to enjoy creating a surf scene. Add some palm trees, the body of the ocean and a sky and you can create what dreams are made of.

Thousands of years ago surfers were documented by the people from Peru and Hawaii on cave drawings and other forms of ancient media. With that being said, art is not new to the surf culture. But rather, something that makes the lifestyle so unique to other sports. There’s something captivating about powerful waves and the humans that conquer them.

Although I’m not a professional when it comes to drawing and painting, it is something that I find very soothing to the soul. Plus, it’s fun to hang up your own art and friends love hand drawn pictures – no matter what it looks like! Here’s how to draw a wave:

1. Draw the crest
Step 1

The first step in drawing a wave is to draw the crest. Start by drawing a horizontal line, slope it down and continue the line. 

2. Draw the barrel
step 2

Add “C” shaped curved lines on the higher part of the sloped line.

3. Add the whitewater
step 3

Start at the top of the wave really small and get progressively bigger as you follow the crest down. Once to the bottom of the wave add a few squiggly lines to add to the whitewater. Connect the “C” shaped lines to the whitewater. 

4. Draw the wave
step 4

Add a slightly curved line right below where the crest starts to slope. 

5. Add your own style
step 5

I like to add Heather Brown inspired circles for the whitewater. Connect the “C” shaped lines to the whitewater circles. Decorate your white circles to your artistic visions. 

photo 2

tiffany brodinTIFFANY BRODEN
Tiffany Broden is a resident of Seattle, WA who is always finding adventures in the Northwest. On the weekends you can usually find her in the mountains snowboarding or at the beach surfing. When she’s not on an epic adventure you can find her at home doing arts and crafts or yoga. She graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2011 with a degree in Mass Communications with an emphasis in advertising. She is currently working for a material handling company doing in-house marketing.