2007 Supergirl Snow Rail Jam Recap and Results

snowrailsetup-300It’s safe to say Mission Beach doesn’t see snow very often.  Leave it to the women of the Supergirl Jam to make it snow.  Okay, so it took a truckload of ice, a snowmaker, and a crew armed with shovels to keep it going, but for a few short hours, there was indeed snow on the beach.

“It’s fun that the iconic S-shield of Supergirl will be the symbol we rally around as we celebrate female empowerment and competition at the S3 Supergirl Jam,” said event co-host Gretchen Bleiler.

Session 1

1. Raewyn Reid
2. Desiree Melancon
3. Erin Comstock

Session 2

1. Bev Vuilleumier
2. Jamie Anderson
3. Desiree Melancon

Session 3

1. Leanne Pelosi
2. Bev Vuilleumier
3. Jamie Anderson

Session 4

1.Bryn Lalaika
2. Nirvana Ortanez
3. Melissa Evans

Super Trick

1. Winner: Bev Vuilleumier
180 to 50/50 to 180 out