Nikki Sparks

Nikki Sparks has been coined in the press as ‘a little bit Country and a little bit Rock n’ Roll’ along with having ‘the sass of Miranda Lambert with the pipes of Carrie Underwood’. Sparks is truly creating some sparks in the Country-Rock world with her fresh and edgy approach that sets her apart from other female artists. Having grown up in a small town in rural upstate New York, Nikki lived the ‘country-life’ of ‘fishin’, 4-wheelin’ and makin’ fun outta nothin’ when there’s just nothin’ to do’ as Sparks puts it. Shania Twain and Bon Jovi could be found blasting on the car radio as Sparks and her friends were kickin’ up dust as teenagers. That cool mix of Country, Rock and Pop artists throughout the 90s would help mold Sparks’ musical direction as she began to write her own original songs. Nikki’s voice was a ‘gift from above’ as she says and she has been singing for as long as she can remember. The hard work of learning to play the guitar, the art of songwriting and mastering the recording process is an ongoing love affair for Sparks. ‘I love the entire process from song idea to recording to performing live’ says Sparks. She also adds, ‘I feel most comfortable performing on stage, it just feels like home.’ After spending several years in Los Angeles, CA pursuing her music career Sparks’ producer/manager Tim Simms suggested that the best place to capture and record Nikki’s first Country-Rock record would be secluded and focused up in the mountains of the small town of Big Bear Lake, CA….a place that also reminds Sparks of her rural upbringing. Currently Sparks and Simms are putting the finishing touches on an original Country-Rock EP that is sure to shake up the Country world…Nashville and Country radio already have Nikki Sparks on their radar. Stay tuned ‘Merica!



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